The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Mod List

All of the mods I'm currently using.

AMM - The Appearances Menu Mod
Beautiful Rocks (Light)
Better Torches
Blitz FX
Cheap Dyes Everywhere
Community Patch - Shared Imports
Debug console extensions
Different shirts for Geralt
Elysium Grass
High Quality Textures for Feline Armours
Fix Bear Armors
Fix Temerian Armor and Retexture
Fix Wolf Armors
Freecam and Debug Console for 1.32 Patch
Griffin Armour (On The Path) Update (Gryffon Set)
Griffin Set - Slim Version
HD Reworked Project
HD Water (from Phoenix Lighting Mod)
HD Palace
HD Tree LOD Billboards
Immersive Lighting (different versions)
Jaskier Netflix Style (Dandelion Recolor)
Kaer Morhen Armor Upgrades
Moon UHD
Next Generation LOD BETA
No Dirty Lens Effect
No Mud Screen
No Screen Water Drops
PhotoMode 2inOne for Debug Console Enabler
Photomode 2InOne - Console commands
Real Witcher Eyes - Geralt (Real Wolf Vanilla Eyes)
Real Witcher Eyes
Sensible Map Borders - No more forced teleporting
Storyboard UI
The Mutant (Textures only)
Triss Auburn Hair
True Fires
Yet Another HairWorks Mod
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