The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Next-gen) Mod List

All of the mods I'm currently using.

Retextures for AMM
Accessory Slot Mod
Better Torches
Ciri Better Hair
Community Patch - Bootstrap and Utilities
Community Patch - Shared Imports
Debug Console
Different shirts for Geralt
Enhanced Water
Emote Hotkeys
Face Them
Freecam Mod (Script Edition) for NextGen
Gear Level Scaling for Next Gen
HD Tree LOD Billboards
Lamp on Player's boat
No Artificial Player Light
No Inventory Weight Limit
No Map Borders
PhotoMode 2inOne
Radish Seeds
Realtime in-game Environment Parameter UI
Remove Screen Water Droplets Effect
Fast Travel Anywhere (Teleport to Map Pin)
Triss Hair Auburn
Yennefer Better Hair
Using occasionally

Geralt Remastered
Real Witcher Eyes
The Butcher of Blaviken Eyes
The Mutant
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